Hi, this is Annabeth here. This summer I read the Harry Potter series for the first time and I really enjoyed it. A major reason why I liked it was, of course, the story line, but I also really enjoyed how well J.K. Rowling developed her characters. By the end of the series I felt like I really knew them and I could justify even their most ridiculous actions with the logic, I’m sure, they used to decide to do it. While reading the seventh book I realized what really makes me cry over a book. The death of characters has always made me upset, but I was never one to cry, yet at the end of that book I felt otherwise. I found out that what really gets to me, is when books are written so well, that I can feel the passion the character has and feel their pain and their motives. I think it’s just really amazing how well you get to know someone you’ve never met (and never will meet).  Well that’s all I have to say… So, bye! 🙂