What makes a book interesting? — July 20, 2015

What makes a book interesting?

Hi guys, this is Prim. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what aspects about a story make it, well, good. After reading Touch of Power, by Maria V. Snyder this past week, I decided that an interesting plot line isn’t actually the biggest part in creating a good story. This book had really good potential, and that was, pretty much, all that kept me going. A book really needs all the details. It’s the details that make a story worth reading. You need to know the characters, not just have a few personality traits. It’s important to create a new reality that you can just escape into just by opening a book. You need to be able to live the story along with the characters. An interesting plot and great potential just isn’t enough. You really need that connection- to the book, the characters, and that world, or alternate reality. And this book just really didn’t do that for me. So, find a book that is your get-away from the troubles in life and enjoy that time. And hey, I’m totally open to taking any suggestions, so feel free to comment any. Well, I think that’s all for now… bye!

What makes you cry while reading? —

What makes you cry while reading?

Hi, this is Annabeth here. This summer I read the Harry Potter series for the first time and I really enjoyed it. A major reason why I liked it was, of course, the story line, but I also really enjoyed how well J.K. Rowling developed her characters. By the end of the series I felt like I really knew them and I could justify even their most ridiculous actions with the logic, I’m sure, they used to decide to do it. While reading the seventh book I realized what really makes me cry over a book. The death of characters has always made me upset, but I was never one to cry, yet at the end of that book I felt otherwise. I found out that what really gets to me, is when books are written so well, that I can feel the passion the character has and feel their pain and their motives. I think it’s just really amazing how well you get to know someone you’ve never met (and never will meet).  Well that’s all I have to say… So, bye! 🙂

Book List — July 19, 2015

Book List


Here are some of our favorite books (and series)

Percy Jackson Series by: Rick Riordan (1st book- The Lightning Thief)

Harry Potter Series by: J K Rowling (1st book- The Sorcerers Stone)

The Lunar Chronicles by: Marissa Meyer (1st book-Cinder)

The Selection series by: Keira Cass (1st book- the Selection)

The Hunger Games Trilogy by: Suzanne Collins (1st book-The Hunger Games)

Poison by: Bridget Zinn

The Ascendant Trilogy by: (1st book-The False Prince)

The Beyonders Trilogy by: Brandon Mull (1st book- A World Without Heroes)

Princess Academy by: Shannon Hale

The Remnant Chronicles by: Mary E. Pearson (1st book- The Kiss of Deception)

Goose Girl by: Shannon Hale

The Kane Chronicles by: Rick Riordan (1st book- The Red Pyramid)

Magisterium Series by: Holly Black & Cassandra Clare (1st book- The Iron Trials)

The Missing Series by: Margaret Peterson Haddix (1st book- Found)

Fablehaven Series by: Brandon Mull (1st book-Fablehaven)

The Roar by: Emma Clayton

The Seven Wonders by: Peter Lerangis (1st book- Colossus Rises)